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TSPS: Groups

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In the TrueSight Presentation Server console it is possible to create groups. Those groups can consist out of other groups (sub-groups), devices or monitors. Two kind of groups can be created: static and role-based.

Groups are very helpfull to have a consolidated view on events or in some cases on monitors. Groups may also be usefull when creating application models.


Issues and difficulties

Despite the advantages of groups, there are some drawbacks in the way they are implemented in TrueSight 10.0 and - as I think - in TrueSight 10.1.

Creating static groups can be easy when adding devices but difficult when adding monitors. There is no hierarchical view in the selection and this makes it difficult to add monitors, especially when adding monitors of multiple devices.

Regarding the role-based groups there are too few options when specifying the rules. You can only create rules based on "Monitor Name" and "Device Name". So the use is very limited.




1. BMC should improve the selection-dialog for adding monitors to a static group. There should be a hierarchical view so you can see to which device and parent instance the monitor belongs.



2. BMC should add more criterias for rule-based groups. It should be possible to create role-based groups based on:


- Operating System

- Agent Tag

- Agent Version

- Agent Port

- Device Name

- IP address / IP address range

- Monitor Type

- Monitor Name


3. BMC should consider the option to exclude certain things from a group. For example to exclude a monitor from a group consisting out of devices.


With this features the groups on the TrueSight Presentation Server would bring more flexibility and value to the customer.


We already discussed this issue with BMC Support and BMC Development. We hope this will be implemented soon.

Too bad it was obviously too late for 10.1.


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