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supportability RFE: reduce customer efforts when a record data is needed

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record/pool data is frequently asked to troubleshoot issues. The procedure to prepare the gather file and send it to BMC Customer Support is long (~20 steps + the steps to send the file).


To reduce customer's effort and speed up the investigation, the procedure should ideally be something like that

1- in a DiscoveryAccess node, click on action -> "rescan and prepare a support dump". Specify the ISS N°

2- at the end of the scan, you should see "support dump sent to bmc, support is aware of it".


In step 1, you would have a something like that. If needed, before closing the dialog, ADDM would raise a warning like that " support dump can't be sent to support, click on this web page and follow the instructions"prepareASupportDump.png


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