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Allow multiple approvers in Sequential Change Management

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It would be great to have the ability to have more than 1 Approver at each level in a Sequential Change Mangement policy.


Some policies we have created either require more than one approver or a certain number out of x before it can be moved on to the next phase.


An example would be:


Change Request Policy

Sequential Approval


Approval Level 1

     Approver 1

     Approver 2

          # of approvals required = 1


Approval Level 2

     Approver 1

     Approver 2

          # of approvals required = 2


This would allow for more flexibility in the approval process as well as create approval tiers.  It also allows you to have a back-up approver in place should the primary be unavailable or away so the change is not left stuck and awaiting their return since you could have another approver listed.


Delivered in Track-It! 2018


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