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Tiered or Sequential Work Orders

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I've gotten a few requests for a feature like this from the Technicians I work with who use Track-It.


Much like the Change Management module has the concept of Sequential approvers where until Approver A signs off on a change, Approver B does not now about it. And if Approver A rejects the request for change, Approver B never gets an approval request.


The same functionality has been requested for Work Orders where a Work Order Template may have multiple assignments associated, they would not want to assignments created until a defined sequence of events have occured.  This was a flood of Work Orders is not being created when one is more than likely contingent on another being completed first.


An example would be a new server build and deployment.


The inital request would come in as the Parent WO, then the Technician would apply a template to it triggering multiple assignments for tasks such as 1) Procuring the hardware, 2) installing the OS and software, 3) requesting rack space and cabling and etc.


Obviously items #2 and #3 cannot occur until the physical server has been purchased so the idea is that assignments #2 and #3 would be in a "staged" stated in Track-It.  Not actually created or assigned until #1 has been completed.  When that occurs, Assignment #2 would then be created and #3 be stated awaiting #2 completion and so on.


I think this would be a great feature and would greatly help in defining work flows in Track-it while cutting down on some of the WO noise we see when Templates create multiple assignments and they are all sent out at once but have dependencies on others first.


Delivered in Track-It! 2018 R2


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