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The agent icon color should change in real time when the device gets online or offline

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Some customers would like to know in real time when an agent is down as with the basic settings an agent can appear in green in the console although it's down or its device is halted.


This is highly not recommended but it is actually possible to change the delay after a relay or a client is lost in Global Settings > System Variables > Connection Management but if you want to have very frequent checks you will have to set your clients to send identities very frequently and eventually lower a value of a specific parameter on the master to setup the thread that changes the icon color to run more frequently.


Attention: setting your clients to send identities every x minutes will more likely jam the asynchronousactions.sqlites of your relay and your master and you will not be able to assign and execute operational rules and your agents will probably all end-up in red in the console because the identities don't make it in real time.


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