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Smart IT - Provide 'Advanced Filter Qualification' box for the 'Ticket Console'

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When defining Filters within the 'Ticket Console', the limitation is to the various filtering options provided, however these filtering options do not include the ability to use 'NOT' or 'AND/OR' syntax, i.e. to exclude elements.


To allow users to use 'Advanced Qualification' in a similar way as they can in traditional Remedy, the addition of an 'Advanced Filter Qualification' box would be great, this would allow users to enter complex strings (in a SQL style fashion as in ARS) to accurately present the data that they wish to be returned for their Preset filter.


'Status' < "Resolved" AND (('Site' = "XXX" OR 'Site' = "YYY" OR 'Site' = "ZZZ") OR 'Assignee' = "Me")


Or another example to demonstrate the 'NOT' capability, which isn't at all possible today in Smart IT...


'Status' < "Resolved" AND NOT (('Site' = "XXX" OR 'Site' = "YYY" OR 'Site' = "ZZZ") OR 'Assignee' = "Me")


The additional 'Advanced Filter Qualification' field should be included in the parameters stored when saving a 'Preset'.


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