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Attachment improvements in Remedyforce Console

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Hi All,


I would like to introduce the following Idea's to improve working with attachments in the Remedyforce Console.



- Attachments are visible in the record details section or in a popup when clicking the action "Attach/View Files"

- Without custom coding it is not possible to see a count of linked attachment to a record.

- Email signatures and screenshots are together added as attachment which generates a lot of attachments

- You have to save the attachment + open the attachment to view the content

- The size of the attachment is also not displayed as column (could be usefull as indication)



All these things are very time consuming and sometimes not relevant if you are talking about email signatures as attachment.

You can't see with a simple icon if any attachments are added to the record. Unless you scroll or click on each incident.

Attachment can be easily missed this way. The content can only be opened after saving and opening.

A lot of clicks are needed in general.



- For the count part you could build a custom trigger that counts the attachments but it's not out of the box nor supported in case of any issues.

- No workarround is available to easily navigate through the attachment or see the content.



- Icon with counter to see if attachments are added and quantity

- Smart email listener to reduce attachments that are email signatures

- Provide a preview option to view the content of an attachment without saving it first

- Make it possible to easy navigate through the different attachments.




Christophe Dufromont



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