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enhance documentation on cmdb steps of AI

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The documentation on cmdb steps of atrium integrator is lacking some information and thus it would be great if the documentation on these steps could be enhanced.


For example:

The cmdboutput step adds the instanceid field to the stream. When multiple cmdboutput steps exist then the subsequent steps add the field as instanceid_<number>  to the stream.

This is not documented anywhere in the subchapters if Configuring the checksum value for loading data into BMC Atrium CMDB - BMC Atrium Core 9.0 - BMC Documentation

Also the description on the other options - eg. qualification String (use of qualification strings in comparison to lookup keys?) - is not exhaustive and could need some improvement.

Other users obviously searching for similar information, see eg. Need information on few parameters in CMDBOutput step in Atrium Spoon. Atrium 8.1


Additionally the information on the cmdb steps is spread over different subchapters and it would be great to have it organised similar to the ar steps where one page exists discribing all the options for the particular step, see


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