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Map all user attributes from a User Import

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Updated for all missing attributes


The following attributes cannot be mapped during a User Import and either requires manual intervention after the fact, or a back end db update.


- System Role (new!)

- CMDB Licencing (on by default)

- Mobile Licencing (on by default)

- Change Approvers (on by default)

- Primary email send notification

- Second email

- Second email send notification

- Third email

- Third email send notification

- Container supervisors

- Billing rate (appears in mapped fields but doesn't seem to work)

- Billing description

- Billing default

- Language

- Local time zone

- Date format


In addition to the above attributes displayed on the user's page, I would like the following attributes to also be mappable:


- BCM User Name

- BCM Password

- Items per page


Although some of these could be added to the 'User Profile Properties', I would like to see all of these available in the 'Map Fields' section.  This would allow for just a single import job to be created.


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