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Simplify ITSM administration of functional roles.

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Currently have to add every functional role for every group for every user, this is very tidious and imte consuming.


e.g. in our environment if you are in a position with the job title "manager" or "supervisor" then for every support group membership you require:

-infrastructure change approver

-infrastructure change manager

-incident manager

-problem manager

-support group admin

-support group manager

-work order manager


then to move a manager from a group, you have to remove all the functional roles first, arh!!!!


How about grouping functional roles together into a real "role" based assignment so I can say if this person is a "manager" they will always receive the functional roles defined when added to a support group; and when a person is removed from a support group the functional roles will always be removed automatically.


Allow customers to define their roles and assign functional role permissions based on those roles, with the ability to individaully deselect as needed.


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