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Enhance Project Tracking

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IDEA:  Enhance the projoct tracking capabilities of Track-It!.


DETAILS:  A system by which Track-It! would provide a more robust offering for tracking project-based work orders. Some customers just create a 'Project' priority to track projects, while others go further and use a Work Order Template that allows for creating sub-work orders for tasks.  However, creating more work orders has been identified by some as an issue as well. Some suggestions for a very simple project tracking enhancement might include, but are not limited to:


  1. Have a special Work Order type built into the program called project.
  2. In a project work order, allow for the addition of:
    1. Gathering requirements
    2. Creating a scope of work
    3. Entry of an Estimated number of hours it may take to complete project
    4. Entry of additional resources that might be required to complete project
    5. Entry of dependencies (other tasks, timelines) that affect the timeline
    6. Entry of the Estimated project completion date (which takes into account and adjusts based on the dependencies from above
    7. Obtaining sign-off/approval to proceed
    8. Tracking hours expended on the project (not the time the ticket is open, but instead hours entered by the technician)


While it could be done by programming a "Projects" module, I'm not suggesting anything that grand at this point, just a mid-point solution that would allow us to treat a project a bit differently than just another work order with a different priority.



  Technicians:  1) Ability to track project work more appropriately and separately from daily helpdesk tickets. 2) Allow for better resource management and reporting to other departments based on data and dependency-drive information contained in the project work order.

  BMC Software:  1) Increased customer base for Track-It! product, without infringing on other BMC product sales.


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