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Cisco 4500s running IOS-XE, code version reported incorrectly

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The version is only matching on the first 2 digits and the package version does not get matched correctly during the discovery process. 2 sets of modifications in the Cisco IOS driver will correct the issue.




<capture buffer=".*IOS .*Software.* Version (\d+)\.(\d+)\((\d+).*" ignoreFailure="true">




<capture buffer=".*IOS .*Software.* Version (\d+)\.(\d+)[\(\.](\d+).*" ignoreFailure="true">




In the <condition test="-EXISTS- disc.isIosXe"> section, add a new capture



                        buffer=".*From Bundle:\s+(\S+)" ignoreFailure="true">

                        <property name="cmd.imageNameXE">{1}</property>



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