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Ability to change the metrics imported from BPPM-BCO integration(select/de-select at a metric level) and also import additional metrics for Middleware,DB etc

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Currently the metrics imported through BPPM-BCO integration are fixed and they cannot be altered on a per-metrics basis, the current flow is if the metric is enable in BPPM and if the metric set is selected in BCO then we can import the same. However i have seen customer who want to do more than just importing of standard parameters set by BMC, like they want to import DB,Middleware parameters as well depending on the need. As of now there are 2 methods available, the Patrol Parser wherein we do a dump of the Patrol Parameters and then import the same, the other is the DB View Parser wherein we write queries to extract the data. The 1st method is very time consuming and we cannot import say one additional parameter which is required across servers(it is possible but time consuming and very cumbersome) and the DB View parser requires in depth knowledge of the BPPM DB, the views etc and also adequate DB knowledge for structuring the queries - these are cumbersome and time consuming. I would like to propose an idea where metrics can be selected/de-selected based on their application classes from the DB, basically the BCO connector for BPPM connects to the BPPM DB and scans the views available with data in them and then presents the user with a selection page for metric selection and then import the selected metrics(something similar to the BPPM SA Adapter concept for metric selection). This gives a lot of convenience and choice and only one connector can be used to import OS,DB,MIddleware and any other metrics which are supported by this integration(moreover the metrics will also be consolidated automatically under the system). I understand BPA can do the same but that would be employing one more agent and the usage of one more product for collecting metrics when Patrol Agent is as such collecting the necessary metrics.


This is a request for many customers who i have worked with who plan to leverage BCO's capabilities for not only OS for middleware and DB level capacity planning across their environment.


Request you to consider.


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