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Single Sign-on/Trusted AD Connection

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IDEA:  Implement Single Sign-on (SSO)/Trusted AD Connection in which Track-It! would use some method (Active Directory user account, computer account, or other) to validate a technician login without the need to prompt for credentials (username/password).


DETAILS:  A system by which Track-It! would utilize information obtained from the Windows PC on which the client is being launched to identify the Technician attempting to run the client and validate that user's credentials against a list of authorized Technicians and if they match, log that technician in automatically without prompting the user for any additional information such as username, password or domain.  If a match does not exist, Track-It would then default to promting for credentials to allow a technician to login from a computer not on the domain, not logged in with their AD account or from a system that is not domain/AD aware.



  Technicians:  One less username/password to remember or synchronize with other usernames/passwords in other applications.

  BMC Software:  1) Happy customers, 2) Potential for fewer columns in database tables


Edited for clarity on 7/11/2012


This feature was added in Track-It! 11


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