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Allow BDA to use SQL Server's installer to create groups for clustered instances

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Currently, before you can create a Clustered SQL Server Instance in BDA, you are required to create a cluster group for the instance and populate that group with at least one disk resource manually through the Windows Server Failover Cluster Manager.


However, if you are using the SQL Server installer manually, you can have the SQL Server installer create the group and populate it with disk resources from the "Available Storage" pseudogroup.


There is no technical reason why BDA should not be able to allow the user to be able to select disk resources from available storage and then provide this information to the SQL Server installer so it can create the group and move the disk resources as part of instance creation. Allowing this would cut down on the amount of work BDA users need to perform outside BDA to prepare a WSFC for hosting a Clustered SQL Server instance.  This functionality would be made optional, so customers with strict role separation (where DBAs, the primary users of BDA, are not allowed to create cluster groups or move disk resources into cluster groups) would not be required to change their existing BDA workflow.


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