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Track-It! Inventory - Barcode Device Enhancement

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I would like to recommend that BMC make Track-It Inventory compatible with Android or Apple mobile devices.

These devices are becoming more and more prevalent in the enterprise and we all know about their versatility. Currently, Amazon (and I'm sure 100's of other companies) offer applications that can scan barcodes and provide the user with feedback. This technology could be a huge asset to companies like mine that need to conduct yearly inventory audits.


To do our yearly physical inventory we use an HP iPAQ Pocket PC with Socket SD scan card. This device is running a very outdated version of Microsoft Pocket PC 2003, and the hardware is showing it's age, often requiring us to look for parts second-hand.


We really love the Barcode/Inventory functions of Track-It! and would like to see this product evolve with the rest of the product line.


What do you say, BMC, can we look forward to the day where we can retire this old, Compaq/HP branded dinosaur?



Delivered in Track-It! 2019 for iOS and Android


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