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Remedyforce Approval Engine

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The approval engine within Remedyforce is related to Salesforce and is limited for our needs, apparently IT approvals are more robust than Sales approvals.  There seems to be little traction in the Salesforce world to improve it, therefore please create one for Remedyforce.


A few ideas/questions that I pulled from this community that should be included in the Remedyforce Approval Engine include:

  1. We need to have more approver options then the ones we have now; unanimous and first approver.  Approval Process Approvers - More options
  2. Approval request email from system not logged in user: Re: Approval Process - Approval Assignment Email Template
  3. Approve via email when approver is a queue: Approval process email alert to a queue or assigned queue?
  4. Ability to resend approval request either based on workflow set time or manually: Approval email resend
  5. Allow the order that approver's names appear under the Approval History section to be configured


These are just a few, I am sure others can add their links for the other inputs to this idea...


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