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BSA/RSCDHealth Check outside of BladeLogic

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BladeLogic RSCD agent stability is better than it’s ever been. That being said, 24,000 server object at 5% failure rate is still 1200 down agents. We needed a way quickly identify all the issue with a server not communicating with BladeLogic Infrastructure. (Example: RSCD Agent installed, RSCD Version, service running, Service Start type, FQDN Lookup, Open Firewall Porta and so on) I’m able to do this level of checking outside of BladeLogic with a custom PowerShell Scripts.


So from the  custom Get-RSCDHealth command you can quickly see what the problems with the Client Server RSCD service. And, after running additional custom commands you can quickly track down to the exact issue causing the server to not function correctly.


So if I can write a PowerShell script to handle this level of troubleshooting I would like to see the BMC add this level of support.


Below example is proof of concept and is a working PowerShell Module


# Full RSCD Health Check

PS C:\> Get-RSCDHealth


Target Server      :

Agent Version      :

Service Status     : Running

Service Start Type : Auto

Desktop Interact   : True

Resolved FQDN      : False

Firewall Port Open : False


# Verify Server FQDN

PS C:\> Get-FQDN ClientServer01 -Verbose

VERBOSE: Deleting previous log: C:\temp\BSAAgentCheck\Get-FQDN.log

VERBOSE: Creating C:\temp\BSAAgentCheck\Get-FQDN.log

VERBOSE: Starting Clear-JobQueue Process at [06/03/2015 13:31:15]

VERBOSE: Beginning input loop

VERBOSE: Performing the operation "Get-FQDN" on target "ClientServer01".

VERBOSE: Getting FQDN for ClientServer01

VERBOSE: DNSshell-FQDN Lookup:  for ClientServer01

VERBOSE: DotNET-FQDN Lookup: for Server Name: ClientServer01

VERBOSE: AD-FQDN Lookup: for Server Name: ClientServer01

VERBOSE: DNSshell-FQDN Lookup:   NO DNS RECORD for Server Name:  ClientServer01


VERBOSE: One of Three FQDN Values Returned did not match FQDN Results: False

VERBOSE:  ClientServer01: Job Queue has been processed.

VERBOSE: Ending Clear-JobQueue Process at [06/03/2015 13:31:16]


#Verify all firewall ports are open from BSA Servers to client Server Running RSCD Agent

PS C:\> Get-RSCDportstatus


BSA Server List Target Server Exit Status

---- ______ ---------- 0 0 7 0


The above is only the first step. Afterwords you can use the above scripts to audit server and provided self-heal outside BSA but executed by via compliance (component-template) within BladeLogic via a mid server to handle the get-commands/remediation-commands..


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