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MyIT End users should be able to change their passwords through MyIT UI

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There are scenarios in the customers environment where they will be using ONLY MyIT Apps for the End Users.


Currently how system works is -


Force Password change on Login in 'User' form is checked.




1)       MyIT is working as expected and will not allow users to login when this is checked.

2)      This problematic User will have to login through Remedy ARS and there Password change window will appear.

3)      Once the password is changed the “Force Password Change on login” flag will be Unchecked in the User form.

      4)      If the User tries to login through MyIT when this flag is unchecked then he will be able to Login


Instead there should be a functionality for End user to change the password as the activity he wants to do can be important and he would not have any other way than contacting the Service Desk analyst to either change the password or uncheck the flag.


Additionally password Reset option should also be included.





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