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New AR System Keyword for Mid Tier Server Name

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With Mid Tier becoming the only BMC supplied user client (without additional cost) and load balancing becoming more common there are times when you need to know which Mid Tier server a user is accessing.


Adding a new keyword like $MTSERVER$ would allow workflow to be used to:

  • Capture the name of a MT server having an issue behind a load balancer based on the user reporting the issue.
  • Build a tracking app that can capture usage statistics for reporting.
  • Build workflow that allows or rejects user access to a specific MT server.
    • Example:  You have a dedicated MT server for your Service Desk.  Because they spend all day using Remedy their MT server has an 9 hour timeout compared to the 30 minute that all other MT servers are set to.  With the $MTSERVER$ keyword  you could either throw an error and automatically logout users who are not authorized to use that MT server or automatically redirect them to one they are authorized to use.
  • Build workflow that allows or rejects automation access to a specific MT server.
    • Example:  You have dedicated MT servers for all Web Service traffic.  Having a $MTSERVER$ keyword would allow business rules to be created guaranteeing $CLIENT-TYPE$ != 34 on MT servers dedicated to User traffic.


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