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Different Tab Colors in Dev Studio Based on Server

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Being able to login to multiple Remedy servers and navigate back and forth in the same Dev Studio instance is very powerful.  However it is also very easy to accidentally update an object in the wrong environment.


My coworkers and I have all done the following:

  • Have many objects open from the development environment in which we are working
  • Open an object from another environment (production) to verify it either matches dev or to refer back to the original state before dev modifications began
  • Do not notice you have the object from the wrong environment selected (many times return from a meeting or some other type of distraction)
  • Start updating the object from the wrong environment


It would be great if tab colors could be set per server (maybe the object's border too).  The tab color of the Object List should be the same as the Objects open from the same server.  This would add a quick visual indicator that the object you are working on is from the environment you intend to change.  Say I have 5 objects open with green tabs and the tab I am working on is blue, it is much more obvious than the text server name that the object I am about to modify is not from the same environment.


Ideally Dev Studio could pick colors based on server name by default and also allow you to override with a color of your choosing.  This would allow the feature provide a benefit right away without any additional configuration.  Also it would allow individuals and companies to set color schemes for consistency between PC/Server/Laptop as well as between developers (beneficial for collaboration).


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