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FP12: Console/Portal changes in Administration are not automatically pushed to users with Customizations

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When a user logs into the portal he's seeing a configuration that has since been changed several weeks ago.




When a change is made to a console in >Administration>Main>Portal Management there isn't an option to push this change to Users. We simply push the change. This is fine unless a user has used the "Customize" button on their toolbar to make changes. When this occurs, this user must select Customize, Restore in order to realize the changes that were made at the Administrative level.


FP11 Behavior:


In Footprints 11 we had Agent Preference Templates >Administration>Workspace>Agent Preference Templates that performed roughly the same action. When changing the template, there was an option to "Push" the changes to existing users.


Feature Request:


Allow Footprints 12 Administrators the option to Push and Overwrite changes made to Console/Portal to all users. With a warning to the Administrator that this action will overwrite all Customized Views of this console/Portal.


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