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Add Idea feature to other Communities

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This idea feature seems very powerful.  The Remedy community in particular (the community I am most familiar with) has been asking for something similar to be a part of the Request for Enhancement (RFE) process for years for years.


I am aware that BMC keeps an eye on industry trends and market demand when determining what features to include in future releases.  However where do these market demands come from?  I imagine part of it is RFE requests that are submitted to Support through the Issue Management system.  (What, Issue Management?)  This imposes a few obstacles:

  • You have to go through Support to have something considered as an RFE.  While I understand using Support as a filter many dread having to put in a ticket to Support.  “How can I send log files, this isn’t a feature yet.”     Honestly I have a few things that I have been meaning to submit as RFEs for over two years.
  • Since it is logged as an issue only people with your Support ID can see the request.  How can other customers see the request and say “hey that is a really good idea, we would use that a lot.”
  • Piggy backing off the last point…  The Remedy community has been asking for years for some transparency into what is being considered in future releases.  Let us vote up features and be a part of the market demand.
  • Having an open discussion about a proposed feature could better define the details early in the cycle.  This would change current paradigm of finding out about a new feature during beta testing (or even GA) and then starting the discussion of how the feature could be better implemented or more useful now that customers have tried it in real world use cases.


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