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Synthetic Log Rollover should be Customized per Script

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currently in the TEA (Agent for synthetics under SEUEM) there is a single configuration line for Archive Rollover.  For troubleshooting purposes we have set this to 75 to allow us to go back 12 hours given Synthetics running every 10 minutes.


<!--Archive Rolling Max: minimum is 1; maximum is 5000-->



The problem is if we have scripts running more frequently we will not have the ability to go back as far.  Similarly for scripts only every 60 minutes (less critical apps) we are saving scripts for over three days. 


Additionally logs for some scripts are going to be much larger (Silk creates large XLG files for multi-step web scripts) which creates the need to possibly trim down the Rollover for some scripts.



The AppDiag Synthetic Execution plan screen should provide an input for log rollover archive - and should show the user the approx time coverage of the archives (# of archives x. script execution minutes).  The agent should then respect that rollover per execution plan data.


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