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Top 10 13 reasons to join us at WWRUG13!

Each year people ask us why the WWRUG conference is so worthwhile and exciting! Usually there is some lofty goal involved, like getting one’s manager to sign the travel vouchers. Here we have assembled our top reasons for you to pass along to those who need to know about WWRUG13.

  1. WWRUG is a technical learning event. You don’t need to be sold on BMC, Remedy, ITIL and supporting technologies. You already own them. You need to get the most out of them. This is how.
  2. Unparalleled insider access to BMC engineering, support, training and executives. Particularly since we are located in San Jose again this year, a huge percentage of the design teams can attend. The Evening with Engineering tradition continues, allowing conference attendees to bring their issues to the attention of application designers, server experts and other problem solvers. This event starts at dinnertime but rarely ends before midnight.
  3. Dozens and dozens of breakout sessions. There are more than 100 each year, submitted and presented by application designers, vendors, users, admins, customers and consultants from every industry, large and small. New techniques, how-to’s, programming tricks, ITIL best practices and real user experiences all represented.
  4. Pre-conference tutorials. Before the conference, vendors present optional hands-on and classroom tutorials for their products. This is usually the same professional instruction and training offered for new purchasers and customers at a more modest cost.
  5. Industry leaders, new releases at general sessions. Each day opens with thought provoking and stimulating commentary from BMC executives, evangelists and architects. Industry direction, product futures and new concepts are introduced here.
  6. Presentation panels, new this year. Each day includes at least one group panel of experts assembled to discuss specific aspects of our evolving science. There will be audience Q&A too.
  7. Take away knowledge. With so many sessions, even with some “best of” sessions on Friday, one cannot attend every topic. Each WWRUG13 attendee will receive every session PDF and other materials for their own use after the conference. We are, after all, here to learn.
  8. Exhibits and booths from more than 30 companies will help you get more out of your investment in BMC and your expertise in ITIL. UI enhancements, programing utilities, consultant services, training, application integrations and lots more.
  9. Unmatched networking opportunities. Simply put, WWRUG is the largest gathering of technical minds in this discipline anywhere the world. Serious about your career? You should be here. (You may not want your boss to see this one, but this is the reason your boss wants to come too!)
  10. WWRUG is an independent conference. You’ll see new products, services and presentations from many different points of view, not just BMC.

    We cannot stop at just the Top 10 Reasons. Here are a few more, perhaps less serious, reasons to include WWRUG13 on your schedule:

  11. Work hard, play hard, come back smarter! OK, we do throw one decent party each year, with many of the band members chosen from the ranks of BMC and Remedy programmers. It’s a great chance to socialize with people most only know by their email address.
  12. Awards and prizes! We take note of accomplishments, achievements and milestones in the past year, particularly as marked by BMC and the ARSlist discussion group, which is now in it’s 20th year. There are also some (spectacular!) door prizes from our exhibitors and sponsors.
  13. Twinkies! A tradition that began at an early Remedy conference is still alive. That Hostess Bakery bankruptcy business a few months ago had us worried for a while, but fortunately we serve other food too. (There really isn’t an explanation for this for the uninitiated. You’ll just have to show up to understand!)


We do look forward to seeing you in San Jose at WWRUG13!

(This document is also available for download (so you can show your boss!) on the WWRUG13 website )

Doug Blair

Communications Manager

WWRUG Advisory Board