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A REALLY brief synopsis today:


We had our Q3 WebEx meeting on Friday 09/30.  The meeting's theme was "Managing File Transfer". 


First Brian Anderson presented the reasons and values associated with managing file transfer and the costs of not managing it.


Jim Gingras followed up with a demonstration and discussion of the newly-released Managed File Transfer product from BMC. Looks like they are on to something there


Michele Domb closed us out with a brief recap of her Engage 2016 experience (who will be given a feature spot to amplify this topic at our Top Golf event 12/01/2016).



Also, as promised: Links to AFT on youtube:

Connect with AFT

Using AFT with SSL/TLS

How to use existing SSH keys with AFT

Connection profies in AFT v8

Managing AFT Accounts

Renaming files with Variables (via AFT)

Using PGP with AFT