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Save time by importing an existing monitoring template and deploy it on any Agent in a few clicks.

Your favorite monitoring templates are on Github!

To import a template

1. From the Monitoring Studio X Web interface, select the Studio menu

2. Click Import Template


3. Locate and double-click the template you wish to import.


4. The template, including all its properties, is imported and automatically listed in the Studio > Template page.


5. Monitoring Studio verifies that the Internal ID of the imported template is unique and prompt you to make the required changes if a problem is detected.

6. In the treeview, expand the Hosts menu and select the name of the Host to which you wish to apply template.

7. In the Templates section, enable (ON) the template to apply to the host.


8. Click Save.


The Template is ready to use on the Host.

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Here is a new video for all TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt's users who want to learn more about Monitoring Studio X.



Do not hesitate to comment this post and share your first thoughts with us!

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Monitoring Studio X is the newest generation of our well-known monitoring solution. This fully redesigned version has been developed with the most popular front-end and back-end technologies (SPA, AngularJS, BootStrap, REST API, etc.). The full-fledged REST API introduced in this version allows you to query and control the PATROL Agent (get monitored instances and parameters, list events, modify the configuration, etc.).


Interactions with the PATROL Agent and Monitoring Studio X are now entirely handled through the web-based interface making configuring, managing and troubleshooting operations intuitive and reliable.


While Monitoring Studio X still offers all the powerful monitoring capabilities of former versions, the Web-based user interface facilitates live interactions with the PATROL Agent and comes with several menus and pages, each dedicated to specific configuration and management operations:


A Unified and Flexible Console

The Console provides an overview of your entire monitoring environment. It displays all the objects discovered by one PATROL Agent and their current status. Powerful drilldown options are available to provide additional information for specific instance or component.

  • A hierarchically organized tree view to facilitate the navigation through the monitored components.
  • A main page to see all the information you need on one screen without losing context.
  • A set of properties to interact with the current monitoring processes and to adjust the level of information displayed.
  • An easy switch from general to detailed data.
  • A quick access to configuration tools through handy shortcuts.


An Integrated Configuration Interface

Easily configure PATROL Agent settings, Monitoring Studio properties, TrueSight integration, etc. from the Web interface.

  • A detailed overview of the current PATROL Agent configuration, status and logged activity.
  • An interactive interface to configure the PATROL Agent settings in real-time, such as:
    • Default user account
    • User access rights
    • Preloading KMs
    • Data retention periods
    • TrueSight Integration properties
    • And many other advanced settings
  • A direct access to information about the JRE currently in use and a list of all the JREs installed on the monitored system.
  • A dedicated space to configure the following options to fine-tune the Java properties from the Web interface.
  • An integrated page dedicated to managing the connection properties for your HTTP Server:
    • HTTP Server enabling/disabling capabilities
    • Authentication and user access properties
    • Advanced Settings, including HTTPS port, HTTP Server Threads, session timeout, etc.

An integrated and easy-to-use interface to configure the Monitoring Studio X settings:

  • Alert Messages
  • Default Message Content
  • Global settings and Monitoring Studio default behavior
  • Fine-tuning options
  • Full configuration export capabilities
  • Live testing (Dry Run)
  • And much more



A Direct Access to PATROL Events Management

The Event page regroups all the events triggered by the PATROL Agent making correlations between multiple sources easy.

A dashboard to overview and drill-down to the root cause of IT operations issues much faster and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

A set of flexible filtering options to rapidly pinpoint specific event types.

An option to download a CSV file with the content of the list of events.

A set of options to directly update the status of each event.




A Set of Built-in Troubleshooting Tools

The Tools menu regroups all the necessary features to facilitate backups, troubleshooting, and advanced configuration operations.


  • A direct access to the debug files.
  • A simple way to save an entire PATROL Agent configuration.
  • A set of algorithms to encrypt passwords.
  • A direct access to configuration variables for advanced users.
  • An exhaustive list of scheduled or active PSL processes running on the monitored PATROL Agent.
  • And more…

Don't wait any longer... Try it now!

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Have you ever experienced frustration when realizing that you spent valuable time configuring the monitoring properties for a component in your IT environment only to realize that some settings were not adequate?


This is where the Dry Run option comes to the rescue!


Monitoring Studio X provides a quick way to verify that your monitoring settings will return the expected result. Use the new Dry Run feature to challenge your monitoring settings before implementing them in your production:


  1. Configure the Monitoring Studio X Monitor
  2. Select the Host on which the technology to monitor is installed
  3. Click the Dry Run button.


Monitoring Studio X simulates the execution of the Monitor on the specified host and displays a preview of the result right in the configuration page. You can then easily identify the potential problems and make the needed adjustments.


Watch the video!


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Sentry Software has recently announced the release of Monitoring Studio X, the newest generation of its well-known monitoring solution for TrueSight Operations Mgmt | TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt. And as if the release of this new revolutionary version was not enough, Sentry Software chose to take a step forward and publish all the Studio X Templates on GitHub!


EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Huawei Dorado v3, Jenkins, and Microsoft Skype are some of the templates currently available. Many more will come soon.


Like the previous monitoring templates developed for Monitoring Studio 9, these templates are available for free but the major change is that you can make your own contributions to Studio X by updating the existing templates or publishing yours!


Sentry Software hopes to count you on its contributors and is looking forward to collaborating with you all on this modern platform!

If you have any specific requirements with regards to monitoring, please comment this post.

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To all TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt | TrueSight Operations Mgmt users, here are 5 handpicked features of Monitoring Studio X:


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Spring is the season of renewal!


Monitoring Studio, your essential and powerful monitoring tool now has a modern and intuitive web interface, thoughtfully laid-out and easy to navigate.


With Monitoring Studio X, see how you can easily interact with your PATROL agent (configure, test, troubleshoot, visualize it)!


Enjoy the journey... with Monitoring Studio X!


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There seems to be a limitation in displaying the content of a file.

I cannot display a file bigger than 2 MB   (2097152 Bytes).  It's not a PSL limit but rather Agent Query.




FILE = "$PATROL_HOME/log/mylog.txt";

Size = 2097152;

timeout = 10;

catChan = popen("OS", "cat ".FILE);

timeouttime = time()+timeout;

do {


data = read(catChan,Size);


} until(!chan_exists(catChan) || data!="" || (time()>=timeouttime));



It will give the output with size = 2 MB.

  There won’t be anything displayed if I run the same script where Size = 2 MB + 1


See as well screen shot the script ran Size=2097152


If won't display anything,  if I run the same script with Size=2097153 (2^21 +1)


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As you can see, Sentry Software, TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt 's users, so much ground has been covered since 2009!


Configuring Process Monitoring

In 2009In 2019
2009 - Process Monitoring Wizard.png2019 - Process Monitoring Wizard.png



Monitoring the Weather

In 2009In 2019
2009-Monitoring-the-weather.png2019-Houston Weather.png


Monitoring Stock Quote

In 2009In 2019
2009 - Stock Quote.png2019-BMC Stock Quote.png


Thanks to all our users for sharing their feedback and help us improve our products.


Special thanks to the Sentry Team (Bertrand Martin, Marc Douguedroit, Ramassh Theivendran, Razeem Mohamed, Nathalie Leboul, Frederic Plouvier, Sam Truong, etc.)  for working so hard to make this new Monitoring Studio 10 happens!


Release is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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We are pleased to announce that Monitoring Studio X beta 3 is now available!


In this beta 3, the last beta before the GA version, you will enjoy the following enhancements:

  • Ability to perform cookie based authentication in HTTP requests
  • Ability to embed script files in a Template configuration
  • Ability for other KMs to extend Monitoring Studio's Web UI with specific icons, online help, actions and even additional pages to provide configuration or reporting specific capabilities
  • Improved Console Web UI
  • Improved Tree view (Host and Host Groups now placed under the Monitoring Studio icon)
  • Improved Windows Performance Counter Monitoring
  • Improved Dynamic Object builder
  • Improved Value Map


Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts. Your feedback so far has been of great value to us.

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So, thanks to the excellent feedback on the Beta 1 version, we're happy to announce the Beta 2 of Monitoring Studio X is available:

Monitoring Studio X | Sentry Software


What's New


  • Added Support for:
    • IBM AIX
    • Internationalized PATROL Agent (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • New Monitor available: Parameter Combination (Multi-parameter Formula)

Fixed Issues

  • The toggles behavior has been fixed in the Web UI
  • Templates:
    • Templates were no longer applied to hosts when modified
    • An error occurred in the Dry Run after changing the "OS Type" of an existing template
  • Log File Monitoring: The Matching Line Count parameter was reset at the next polling
  • Java Settings: The configuration was not properly implemented
  • Ping check reported inaccurate host availability on Windows agents


Make sure to install this new version as it fixes many issues you guys may have encountered with the Beta 1.


Next around the corner: the Beta 3 with a reworked Console view, an easier Value Map UI, support for OAuth 2 or cookie-based authentication when querying a REST API, etc.


We're very grateful for your feedback! Thank you in helping us make this a great product!


-- Bertrand

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If you've tried Monitoring Studio X and its new fancy Web UI, you may have wondered: why is the Web UI and REST API running on port 3443?


Being the main culprit for this decision, I owe us an explanation...


First, traditional ports like 8080 or 8000 were out of the question, simply because the PATROL Agent is supposed to be running on servers that may be running an application on port 8080 or 8000 (evidently, same goes for 80 and 443).


Or course, the PATROL Agent's port (3181) itself couldn't be reused as our Web UI is running as a separate process and cannot share the port with the PATROL Agent. I wouldn't take the risk of using 1987 either (as seasoned BMC users may recall, 1987 used to be the default port of the PATROL Agent, back in the days, that is: in the previous millennium... yeah, my age is showing here... :-D)


So, the logic was as follows:

  • All PATROL stuff is in the 3xxx, so the Web UI had to run in the 3xxx range
  • It's full HTTPS, so it should be obvious we're in HTTPS, so the port should say 443
  • Conclusion: 3xxx + 443 = 3443


Good thing: TCP/3443 appears not to be reserved by any widely-deployed application (Port 3443 (tcp/udp) - Online TCP UDP port finder - -- well, there used to be OpenView something, we don't care... ;-) ). Plus, it's really easy to type in! So, here's the way for you guys to remember the port number of the Web UI and REST API of Monitoring Studio X (and the PATROL Agent): 3xxx + 443 = 443!


Now, things get a bit tricky.


People often run several agents on the same system, running on different ports, typically 3181, 3182, 3184, 3185, etc. (why not 3183, I'll let you guess). As there is an instance of the Web UI for every PATROL Agent, we need a different port for every instance of the Web UI!


So, PATROL Agent running 3181 has a Web UI running on 3443.

Logically, PATROL Agent running on 3182 would have a Web UI running 3444.

And so on...


That's how we came up with this rule: the Web UI of Monitoring Studio runs on the PATROL Agent port number plus 262: 3181 + 262 = 3443


Of course you can customize the port the Web UI is running on, and we recommend that you always specify a "relative port", like the default +262.



Now you know everything about port 3443! :-)


Remember: once you've installed Monitoring Studio X on a PATROL Agent, use your browser to connect to port 3443!


-- Bertrand

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We are very excited to announce that Monitoring Studio X beta is ready!


Monitoring Studio X is the next generation of Sentry Software well-known and powerful toolbox that you have widely adopted to shape and customize the monitoring of all your datacenters.



Today, we are proud to introduce some of Monitoring Studio X's most significant improvements and capabilities:

  • A modern Web interface to easily configure the monitoring of any component in your datacenter, see example below:

  • A live and user-friendly interaction with a PATROL Agent
  • A new REST API to query and interact with a PATROL Agent
  • A hot "Dry Run" feature to challenge your monitoring settings before implementing them


After months of hard work, this innovative and modern version of Monitoring Studio needs to pass the crucial test before its public release, which is to face its most demanding challenge... real-life users. That's why we would like you to try out the beta and contribute to the success of Monitoring Studio X.

Download Monitoring Studio X beta and share your experience with us through BMC Communities or our Web site before the end of December!

Short tutorials are available on our YouTube channel to walk you through basic concepts of the beta:


Thank you for your collaboration. We can't wait to hear what you think about the beta!

Monitoring Studio X is made available to allow a large user base to test and evaluate the next major version of our monitoring solution. Note that it is not recommended for production use at this stage.
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Reminder: What is Monitoring Studio?

Monitoring Studio is a well-known, widely adopted, powerful and mature toolbox that allows TrueSight Operations Mgmt administrators to implement a tailored monitoring of all their datacenters components.


Monitoring Studio offers a set of various "Monitors" that allows you to:



  • File systems
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Processes
  • SNMP Traps
  • Windows Events
  • Windows performances counters
  • Windows services

Search for strings, extract numeric values

Run and analyze the output of...             

  • Commands and scripts
  • HTTP requests
  • SNMP polling
  • SQL queries
  • WBEM queries
  • Web services
  • WMI queries


And may other features...


With Monitoring Studio, you can monitor anything, anywhere. Yes, anywhere, because Monitoring Studio can perform queries remotely.


What is Monitoring Studio X?

Fans of Monitoring Studio have asked us to create an interface to be able to configure it very easily and quickly. We accepted the challenge, and while we were there, we extended this interface to interact with the PATROL agent, and even better, we developed a REST API to communicate with the PATROL Agent.


Monitoring Studio X new features are:


  • A new PATROL Agent web interface that shows an agent’s behavior, live! It is a responsive and reactive interface that provides immediate feedback of a PATROL Agent’s monitoring actions. -> Live interaction


  • A new Monitoring Studio web interface to configure the monitoring of any component of your datacenter. -> Easy configuration


  • A new REST API that you can use to query a PATROL Agent. -> Modern interaction


  • Icing on the cake: Monitoring Studio X offers a "Dry Run" feature to test your monitoring immediately and check whether the result matches what you expect.


How Does Monitoring Studio X Work?

Monitoring Studio X key concepts are Hosts, Templates and Monitors.


  • Host: A Host is a server or a group of servers that you define in Monitoring Studio in order to monitor it/them.


  • Template: A Template is a group of Monitors. It usually defines the monitoring (health and performance) of an application, like MySQL, RecoverPoint, etc. A Template is applied to one or several Hosts.


  • Monitor: A Monitor is a single monitoring action that is configured by the user. A monitor is part of a Template. A Monitor can be:
    •     Process monitoring
    •     File parsing
    •     HTTP request
    •     Database query
    •     SNMP polling
    •     Folder monitoring
    •     WBEM query
    •     WMI query
    •     Command line execution
    •     etc.


In a Nutshell

Monitoring Studio X will make your life much easier! It is not only a complete and mature toolbox to monitor any component of a datacenter, but also a powerful web interface to visualize a PATROL Agent’s information, that is intuitive, flexible, and reliable.

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Park Place Technologies (PPT), the world’s largest pure-play third party maintainer of data center systems, chose the TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt |TrueSight Operations Mgmt   platform and the Hardware Sentry KM to monitor the wide range of systems they support for their clients. With more than 30,000 datacenters for 11,000 customers over 100 countries to monitor and the thousands of systems to support, the ParkView project could seem ambitious. A close partnership with BMC and the expertise of Sentry Software made it possible!


Watch this video to learn how the ParkView project started, the technical challenges faced and how ParkPlace, BMC Software and Sentry Software worked together to provide proactive fault detection through ParkView and improve on their already impressive 97% customer satisfaction!


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