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2 Posts authored by: Sam Truong
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If you have a Fujitsu Primergy server and you are unable to monitor its disk controller(s), physical and logical disks in TrueSight Operations Mgmt with Hardware Sentry KM, please check the following areas:

  1. Windows SNMP service is up and running
  2. You have have properly installed both ServerView Agent AND RAID Manager packages. They are available here: FUJITSU Software ServerView Suite
  3. You can access the RAID Manager GUI: https://<hostname>:3173/

4. You can  perform an snmp walk against this OID:


snmpwalk -v1 -c <community_string> <hostname>

iso. = INTEGER: 1

iso. = INTEGER: 2

iso. = STRING: "MegaRAID SAS 8708ER1"

iso. = STRING: "Advanced Host Controller Interface"

iso. = STRING: "Broadcom Limited"

iso. = ""

iso. = STRING: "PCI:Bus=117&Device=0&Function=0"

iso. = ""

iso. = STRING: "PCI Bus 117, Device 0, Function 0"

iso. = ""

iso. = ""

iso. = ""

iso. = STRING: "1.40.52-0629 (11.0.1-0014)"

iso. = ""

iso. = STRING: "2.07.00"

iso. = ""


You should see your disk controller in the output. In our  example "MegaRAID SAS 8708ER1".

5. If connectors are manually selected, make sure you have ticked the "Fujitsu-Siemens ServerView RAID Agent" connector (MS_HW_FscRaidSAS.hdf). If they're automatically detected by the KM, look at the Connector Test Report and see why it fails. If you cannot figure it out, please enable KM debug and send the logs to Sentry Support.

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TrueSight Operations Mgmt


Classic Mode:


Right-click the Hardware icon, KM Commands/Add a remote System:

Enter hostname/IP and select Storage as Device Type:


Select the SNMP version:


CMA Mode:



Use the following connector file: MS_HW_Equallogic.hdf

Add the newly configured device:





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