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41 Posts authored by: Isabelle Guitton
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In this new video (duration: 3'25), you will learn how to configure an HTTP Request Monitor to leverage the Jenkins API to monitor the availability, load and job execution on Jenkins.


The video only focuses on the Monitor configuration. We therefore assume that:

  • a Jenkins account having the required privileges to retrieve performance and system information already exists
  • the Template Jenkins has been created
  • macros have been created to set the context path, the protocol and the port
  • the Host to which the template will be applied has been configured
  • the Template Jenkins is enabled on the Host.


To go further, you can download the free Jenkins template available on GitHub and import it into your Monitoring Studio X Web interface.

If you have any question or remark, feel free to comment this post. The Sentry Team (Razeem Mohamed, Bertrand Martin, Marc Douguedroit, Ramassh Theivendran, Nathalie Leboul, Veronique Delarue, etc.) will be glad to answer you.

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Sentry Software recently announced to all TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt|TrueSight Operations Mgmt's users the general availability of Monitoring Studio X. For all of you who want to quickly get started, a training material is now available to download in both pdf and pptx formats.


At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe Monitoring Studio X :
    • application usage
    • prerequisites
  2. Configure:
    • Basic Monitors (File System, Process, Windows Events, etc.)
    • Monitors with content (Command Line, File, Folder, HTTP Request, etc.)
    • Content parsing Monitors (String Search, Numeric Value Extraction, Value Map, Dynamic Objects, etc.)
    • Dynamic objects
  3. Use:
    • The Studio X Console
    • The Events page
    • The troubleshooting tools
    • etc.


For on-site training sessions, contact our Professional Services team from this page: Services | Sentry Software

Tutorials are also available. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be informed as soon as new ones are published.

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Sentry Software has developed a specific KM for TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt's users who want to integrate in TrueSight, KMs that have not been designed to support TrueSight CMA (typically custom KMs or older KMs)..


The CMA for Legacy KM is a very simple module that can be loaded in a TrueSight CMA policy. A policy for the CMA for Legacy KM allows you to specify configuration variables that are required for the legacy KM to work properly, very much like the Agent Configuration tab. But the CMA for Legacy KM is also capable of setting encrypted credentials that are stored in the PATROL Agent secure store, and execute PSL commands once the configuration variables are set (typically to trigger a discovery).




The below list are Sentry KMs that are not compatible with TrueSight CMA and therefore will benefit from the CMA for Legacy KM:


The CMA for Legacy KM is provided for free and “as is”. Sentry Software expresses no warranties of any kind related to this product. In no event shall Sentry Software, nor any of its employees, be held liable for anything arising from the usage of this product.

For more information about the CMA for Legacy KM, refer to

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Thanks to everyone who attended our Lunch and Learn session about Monitoring Studio and TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt!

Sentry at SKO.jpg

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In a previous video, we introduced the many changes brought to Monitoring Studio X. In this new video (duration: 1'26), we more especially focus on the configuration available in the Web Interface to configure the PATROL Agent such as::

  • setting the user account to be used by default by the PATROL Agent
  • specifying which users can and cannot access the PATROL Agent
  • indicating which KMs will be automatically loaded in the console
  • configuring the TrueSight integration
  • restarting the PATROL Agent
  • viewing the PATROL Agent Log
  • etc.



If you have any question or remark, feel free to comment this post.

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Here is a new video for all TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt's users who want to learn more about Monitoring Studio X.



Do not hesitate to comment this post and share your first thoughts with us!

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Monitoring Studio X is the newest generation of our well-known monitoring solution. This fully redesigned version has been developed with the most popular front-end and back-end technologies (SPA, AngularJS, BootStrap, REST API, etc.). The full-fledged REST API introduced in this version allows you to query and control the PATROL Agent (get monitored instances and parameters, list events, modify the configuration, etc.).


Interactions with the PATROL Agent and Monitoring Studio X are now entirely handled through the web-based interface making configuring, managing and troubleshooting operations intuitive and reliable.


While Monitoring Studio X still offers all the powerful monitoring capabilities of former versions, the Web-based user interface facilitates live interactions with the PATROL Agent and comes with several menus and pages, each dedicated to specific configuration and management operations:


A Unified and Flexible Console

The Console provides an overview of your entire monitoring environment. It displays all the objects discovered by one PATROL Agent and their current status. Powerful drilldown options are available to provide additional information for specific instance or component.

  • A hierarchically organized tree view to facilitate the navigation through the monitored components.
  • A main page to see all the information you need on one screen without losing context.
  • A set of properties to interact with the current monitoring processes and to adjust the level of information displayed.
  • An easy switch from general to detailed data.
  • A quick access to configuration tools through handy shortcuts.


An Integrated Configuration Interface

Easily configure PATROL Agent settings, Monitoring Studio properties, TrueSight integration, etc. from the Web interface.

  • A detailed overview of the current PATROL Agent configuration, status and logged activity.
  • An interactive interface to configure the PATROL Agent settings in real-time, such as:
    • Default user account
    • User access rights
    • Preloading KMs
    • Data retention periods
    • TrueSight Integration properties
    • And many other advanced settings
  • A direct access to information about the JRE currently in use and a list of all the JREs installed on the monitored system.
  • A dedicated space to configure the following options to fine-tune the Java properties from the Web interface.
  • An integrated page dedicated to managing the connection properties for your HTTP Server:
    • HTTP Server enabling/disabling capabilities
    • Authentication and user access properties
    • Advanced Settings, including HTTPS port, HTTP Server Threads, session timeout, etc.

An integrated and easy-to-use interface to configure the Monitoring Studio X settings:

  • Alert Messages
  • Default Message Content
  • Global settings and Monitoring Studio default behavior
  • Fine-tuning options
  • Full configuration export capabilities
  • Live testing (Dry Run)
  • And much more



A Direct Access to PATROL Events Management

The Event page regroups all the events triggered by the PATROL Agent making correlations between multiple sources easy.

A dashboard to overview and drill-down to the root cause of IT operations issues much faster and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

A set of flexible filtering options to rapidly pinpoint specific event types.

An option to download a CSV file with the content of the list of events.

A set of options to directly update the status of each event.




A Set of Built-in Troubleshooting Tools

The Tools menu regroups all the necessary features to facilitate backups, troubleshooting, and advanced configuration operations.


  • A direct access to the debug files.
  • A simple way to save an entire PATROL Agent configuration.
  • A set of algorithms to encrypt passwords.
  • A direct access to configuration variables for advanced users.
  • An exhaustive list of scheduled or active PSL processes running on the monitored PATROL Agent.
  • And more…

Don't wait any longer... Try it now!

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Sentry Software has recently announced the release of Monitoring Studio X, the newest generation of its well-known monitoring solution for TrueSight Operations Mgmt | TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt. And as if the release of this new revolutionary version was not enough, Sentry Software chose to take a step forward and publish all the Studio X Templates on GitHub!


EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Huawei Dorado v3, Jenkins, and Microsoft Skype are some of the templates currently available. Many more will come soon.


Like the previous monitoring templates developed for Monitoring Studio 9, these templates are available for free but the major change is that you can make your own contributions to Studio X by updating the existing templates or publishing yours!


Sentry Software hopes to count you on its contributors and is looking forward to collaborating with you all on this modern platform!

If you have any specific requirements with regards to monitoring, please comment this post.

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To all TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt | TrueSight Operations Mgmt users, here are 5 handpicked features of Monitoring Studio X:


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As you can see, Sentry Software, TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt 's users, so much ground has been covered since 2009!


Configuring Process Monitoring

In 2009In 2019
2009 - Process Monitoring Wizard.png2019 - Process Monitoring Wizard.png



Monitoring the Weather

In 2009In 2019
2009-Monitoring-the-weather.png2019-Houston Weather.png


Monitoring Stock Quote

In 2009In 2019
2009 - Stock Quote.png2019-BMC Stock Quote.png


Thanks to all our users for sharing their feedback and help us improve our products.


Special thanks to the Sentry Team (Bertrand Martin, Marc Douguedroit, Ramassh Theivendran, Razeem Mohamed, Nathalie Leboul, Frederic Plouvier, Sam Truong, etc.)  for working so hard to make this new Monitoring Studio 10 happens!


Release is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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Park Place Technologies (PPT), the world’s largest pure-play third party maintainer of data center systems, chose the TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt |TrueSight Operations Mgmt   platform and the Hardware Sentry KM to monitor the wide range of systems they support for their clients. With more than 30,000 datacenters for 11,000 customers over 100 countries to monitor and the thousands of systems to support, the ParkView project could seem ambitious. A close partnership with BMC and the expertise of Sentry Software made it possible!


Watch this video to learn how the ParkView project started, the technical challenges faced and how ParkPlace, BMC Software and Sentry Software worked together to provide proactive fault detection through ParkView and improve on their already impressive 97% customer satisfaction!


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Hi TrueSight Operations Mgmt, TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt, and TrueSight Capacity Optimization communities!


On behalf of the Sentry Support Team, I am happy to share with you the list of knowledge articles that have been recently published on Sentry's Website:


NEWCollecting an SNMP Walk/Dump                                                            
NEWEMC VNX monitoring not working because of special characters in the password                                    
NEWHow NetApp Filers KM for PATROL Reports 'Failed’ and ‘Degraded’ Status Values in the PATROL Console
NEWHow to manually set agent thresholds in a CMA policy      
NEWMonitoring HP Blade Chassis with Hardware Sentry
NEWProcessing Data From a REST API JSON Format
NEWSNMP Connectors stopped working
NEWUsing Database Query Analysis
NEWVerifying Database Connectivity
UPDATED          Enabling Debug for Sentry's KMs in TrueSight/BPPM and PATROL Classic Consoles                     
UPDATED          Monitoring Fails Due to SSL Handshake or Authentication Failures     
UPDATED          BMC TrueSight CO for Storage: Assessing the Requirements             
UPDATED          Generating Test Events with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL                                  


Many other articles describing technical solutions and best practices to configure our products are also available in the Sentry's Knowledge Base.


Feel free to submit any topic you would like to be covered in our knowledge base.



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2017 is Over!


It was a year marked with the release of several new products and updates. Just to make sure that you did not miss some of them, here is a short review of what was done in 2017:



5 Brand New Products

2 for TrueSight Capacity Optimization3 for TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt
Released along with TSCO v11


11 New Configuration Templates

To support even more storage devices and applications in TrueSight Operations Management, Sentry Software developed new monitoring templates for Monitoring Studio:

8 Updated Products

ProductsMain Changes
Hardware Sentry KM 10.0.01
  • Easier infrastructure management:
    • identical systems configured in one operation
    • faulty devices better identified and perfectly located
  • More reliable hardware monitoring:
    • advanced self-monitoring feature
    • early detection of hardware discovery issues
  • Advanced diagnosis features to report, diagnose, debug, query, and manage.
Monitoring Studio KM 9.4.01
  • Support for Java 9
  • Group macros can be used in Host monitors and Group & Host macros can be used in all other monitors (ex: %{SEN_HOSTNAME})
  • Database Query: Microsoft SQL Server uses Microsoft's JDBC driver
  • Possible to connect and authenticate against a remote system with SSH and keyboard-interactive authentication
  • The new Value Map Monitor can extract values from result outputs of other Monitors and map these values to user-defined status that match your specific needs
  • The Command Line Monitor can execute command lines locally and remotely respectively
EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL 4.2.00
  • Support for EMC VMAX3 storage systems
Hitachi Disk Arrays KM for PATROL 1.5.00
  • Support for Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM) (through the Hitachi Embedded SMI-S Provider)
  • iSCSI-mapped volumes now discovered for HDS G-Series
NetApp Filers KM 3.3.01
  • Support for Data ONTAP v9
  • Additional information about the cluster nodes status
EMC NetWorker KM 3.0.00
  • Support for NetWorker 9.x
  • Support for remote monitoring
  • Consecutive backups monitored at save set level under each group client
  • Support for PATROL Agent v10+
  • Support for TrueSight Operations Management v10.x
Tivoli Storage Manager KM 3.0.00
  • Support for remote monitoring
  • Support for libraries controlled by ACSLS (StorageTek Automated Cartridge System Library Software)
  • Support for PATROL Agent v10+
  • Overall performance improved
Veritas File System KM 2.2.00
  • Support for PATROL Agent v10+
  • Support for TrueSight Operations Management v10.x
  • Support for regular expressions in all configuration menus


Coming Soon...

Veritas Cluster Server KM 3.0.00, Veritas File System KM 3.0.00, Veritas Volume Manager KM 3.0.00, which will all support remote monitoring. Stay tuned!


Thank you all for your support and trust.

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Dell EMC VNX series provide file only, block only, and unified (block and file) implementations. All these implementations can be monitored in TrueSight Operations Mgmt / TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt by the Sentry Software's KMs (EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL and Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL).


The EMC Disk Arrays KM leverages a standalone SMI-S provider to collect block information (SAN monitoring) and the SMI-S provider embedded within the Control Station to collect file information (NAS monitoring). Depending on the version of the standalone EMC SMI-S provider, you may have to use both Hardware Sentry KM and EMC Disk Arrays KM to fully monitor your Dell EMC VNX Storage Systems:


Monitoring Scenarios




NAS monitoring only

SMI-S Provider embedded within Control Station enabled

EMC Disk Arrays KM

Hardware and storage metrics

SAN monitoring only

If using EMC SMI-S Agent v4.6

EMC Disk Arrays KM

Hardware and storage metrics

If not using, EMC SMI-S Agent v4.6,use EMC Navisphere CLI

Hardware Sentry KM

Hardware metrics only

Both SAN and NAS monitoring

NAS monitoring: SMI-S Provider embedded within Control Station enabled

SAN monitoring: EMC SMI-S Agent v4.6

EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Hardware and storage metrics

NAS monitoring: SMI-S Provider embedded within Control Station enabled

EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

NAS monitoring: Hardware and storage metrics

SAN monitoring: If not using, EMC SMI-S Agent v4.6, use EMC NaviSphere CLI

Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL

SAN monitoring: Hardware metrics only


For more details about the configurations you may encounter and the monitoring environment you need to configure to properly monitor your Dell EMC VNX disk arrays, please refer to the KB article Monitoring VNX Disk Arrays published on Sentry's Website.

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Information about the NetApp Data ONTAP ETL for TrueSight Capacity Optimization can be displayed in the two following views:

  • The Storage Capacity Views for TrueSight Capacity Optimization: This view is intended for users who have several storage ETLs configured in their environment and wish to benefit from a vendor-agnostic view to compare their  different storage systems in a unique view.
  • The NetApp Capacity Views for TrueSight Capacity Optimization: This  view is intended for NetApp Data ONTAP ETL users who want the NetApp terminology to be used in their view. With this view, no comparison is possible with other storage ETLs.


Depending on your configuration, information about NetApp Filers will be available in different locations. Read the article Where to Find NetApp Filers in the Capacity Views for TrueSight Capacity Optimization to know how to check your configuration and where the information will be available depending on this configuration.



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