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1 Post authored by: Arif Alibay
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There seems to be a limitation in displaying the content of a file.

I cannot display a file bigger than 2 MB   (2097152 Bytes).  It's not a PSL limit but rather Agent Query.




FILE = "$PATROL_HOME/log/mylog.txt";

Size = 2097152;

timeout = 10;

catChan = popen("OS", "cat ".FILE);

timeouttime = time()+timeout;

do {


data = read(catChan,Size);


} until(!chan_exists(catChan) || data!="" || (time()>=timeouttime));



It will give the output with size = 2 MB.

  There won’t be anything displayed if I run the same script where Size = 2 MB + 1


See as well screen shot the script ran Size=2097152


If won't display anything,  if I run the same script with Size=2097153 (2^21 +1)


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