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The Monitoring Studio X interface is given a direct URL on the TSPS:


It is also available on port 3443 of the system with the PATROL Agent. (https://agent:3443)

Either, or both URLs can be disabled if desired.  Actual urls/port numbers used depend on the port number of the PATROL Agent instance allowing access to systems with multiple Agents / non-standard ports.

Accessing Augmented TrueSight through TSPS

The Query PATROL Agent menu is replaced with Query PATROL Agent/Monitoring Studio X. This opens a new tab with the Monitoring Studio X’s interface for the selected Agent. If Monitoring Studio X is not installed on the selected Agent, or if the user does not have the permission to access it, the regular “Query PATROL Agent” window is displayed instead.


This purple icon also appears under Monitoring > Devices and also under Monitor Names (and various other useful places:


Not only will these icons bring you to the interactive GUI, they link directly to the appropriate parameter using a direct cross launch URL:



How this Works

Monitoring Studio X’s User Interface is brought to TSPS as a web app, served by TSPS


TSPS’s front-end AngularJS application is amended (decorated) to link to Monitoring Studio X views


Essentially, this TrueSight Component allows you to interact with Monitoring Studio X running on an agent, without connecting to the agent directly, but through TrueSight’s infrastructure: Presentation Server (TSPS), Infrastructure Management (TSIM) and the Integration Services (IS). This solves any network, firewall and security issues you may have to interact with a PATROL Agent directly.


More to follow…   Or if you can’t wait, have a look at Sentry’s website for Monitoring Studio X1

The UI in action: