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Monitoring Studio automatically detects the JRE installed on the monitored system and provides information about the JRE currently in use as well as a list of other available JREs.

You can choose to let Monitoring Studio select the appropriate JRE or force the use of an alternate one that would suit your specific requirements.


To manually select a specific JRE:


  1. Expand the Agent menu from the Monitoring Studio Web interface
  2. Select Java Settings
  3. Click the Path to the JRE field and select the JRE you want to use.




Note that to operate properly, Monitoring Studio X requires that Java 1.8.00 or higher and a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) are installed on the same system that runs the PATROL Agent.


Monitoring Studio also allows you to disable the pre-validation process to bypass the JRE compatibility check (an unsuitable JRE will prevent the solution from operating properly). You can also choose to execute the JVM as an alternate user when the PATROL Agent’s default account does not have sufficient privileges to perform the operations required by the Java Collection Hub.