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In this new video (duration: 3'25), you will learn how to configure an HTTP Request Monitor to leverage the Jenkins API to monitor the availability, load and job execution on Jenkins.


The video only focuses on the Monitor configuration. We therefore assume that:

  • a Jenkins account having the required privileges to retrieve performance and system information already exists
  • the Template Jenkins has been created
  • macros have been created to set the context path, the protocol and the port
  • the Host to which the template will be applied has been configured
  • the Template Jenkins is enabled on the Host.


To go further, you can download the free Jenkins template available on GitHub and import it into your Monitoring Studio X Web interface.

If you have any question or remark, feel free to comment this post. The Sentry Team (Razeem Mohamed, Bertrand Martin, Marc Douguedroit, Ramassh Theivendran, Nathalie Leboul, Veronique Delarue, etc.) will be glad to answer you.