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Sentry Software recently announced to all TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt|TrueSight Operations Mgmt's users the general availability of Monitoring Studio X. For all of you who want to quickly get started, a training material is now available to download in both pdf and pptx formats.


At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe Monitoring Studio X :
    • application usage
    • prerequisites
  2. Configure:
    • Basic Monitors (File System, Process, Windows Events, etc.)
    • Monitors with content (Command Line, File, Folder, HTTP Request, etc.)
    • Content parsing Monitors (String Search, Numeric Value Extraction, Value Map, Dynamic Objects, etc.)
    • Dynamic objects
  3. Use:
    • The Studio X Console
    • The Events page
    • The troubleshooting tools
    • etc.


For on-site training sessions, contact our Professional Services team from this page: Services | Sentry Software

Tutorials are also available. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be informed as soon as new ones are published.