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Sentry Software has developed a specific KM for TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt's users who want to integrate in TrueSight, KMs that have not been designed to support TrueSight CMA (typically custom KMs or older KMs)..


The CMA for Legacy KM is a very simple module that can be loaded in a TrueSight CMA policy. A policy for the CMA for Legacy KM allows you to specify configuration variables that are required for the legacy KM to work properly, very much like the Agent Configuration tab. But the CMA for Legacy KM is also capable of setting encrypted credentials that are stored in the PATROL Agent secure store, and execute PSL commands once the configuration variables are set (typically to trigger a discovery).




The below list are Sentry KMs that are not compatible with TrueSight CMA and therefore will benefit from the CMA for Legacy KM:


The CMA for Legacy KM is provided for free and “as is”. Sentry Software expresses no warranties of any kind related to this product. In no event shall Sentry Software, nor any of its employees, be held liable for anything arising from the usage of this product.

For more information about the CMA for Legacy KM, refer to