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Monitoring Studio X is the newest generation of our well-known monitoring solution. This fully redesigned version has been developed with the most popular front-end and back-end technologies (SPA, AngularJS, BootStrap, REST API, etc.). The full-fledged REST API introduced in this version allows you to query and control the PATROL Agent (get monitored instances and parameters, list events, modify the configuration, etc.).


Interactions with the PATROL Agent and Monitoring Studio X are now entirely handled through the web-based interface making configuring, managing and troubleshooting operations intuitive and reliable.


While Monitoring Studio X still offers all the powerful monitoring capabilities of former versions, the Web-based user interface facilitates live interactions with the PATROL Agent and comes with several menus and pages, each dedicated to specific configuration and management operations:


A Unified and Flexible Console

The Console provides an overview of your entire monitoring environment. It displays all the objects discovered by one PATROL Agent and their current status. Powerful drilldown options are available to provide additional information for specific instance or component.

  • A hierarchically organized tree view to facilitate the navigation through the monitored components.
  • A main page to see all the information you need on one screen without losing context.
  • A set of properties to interact with the current monitoring processes and to adjust the level of information displayed.
  • An easy switch from general to detailed data.
  • A quick access to configuration tools through handy shortcuts.


An Integrated Configuration Interface

Easily configure PATROL Agent settings, Monitoring Studio properties, TrueSight integration, etc. from the Web interface.

  • A detailed overview of the current PATROL Agent configuration, status and logged activity.
  • An interactive interface to configure the PATROL Agent settings in real-time, such as:
    • Default user account
    • User access rights
    • Preloading KMs
    • Data retention periods
    • TrueSight Integration properties
    • And many other advanced settings
  • A direct access to information about the JRE currently in use and a list of all the JREs installed on the monitored system.
  • A dedicated space to configure the following options to fine-tune the Java properties from the Web interface.
  • An integrated page dedicated to managing the connection properties for your HTTP Server:
    • HTTP Server enabling/disabling capabilities
    • Authentication and user access properties
    • Advanced Settings, including HTTPS port, HTTP Server Threads, session timeout, etc.

An integrated and easy-to-use interface to configure the Monitoring Studio X settings:

  • Alert Messages
  • Default Message Content
  • Global settings and Monitoring Studio default behavior
  • Fine-tuning options
  • Full configuration export capabilities
  • Live testing (Dry Run)
  • And much more



A Direct Access to PATROL Events Management

The Event page regroups all the events triggered by the PATROL Agent making correlations between multiple sources easy.

A dashboard to overview and drill-down to the root cause of IT operations issues much faster and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

A set of flexible filtering options to rapidly pinpoint specific event types.

An option to download a CSV file with the content of the list of events.

A set of options to directly update the status of each event.




A Set of Built-in Troubleshooting Tools

The Tools menu regroups all the necessary features to facilitate backups, troubleshooting, and advanced configuration operations.


  • A direct access to the debug files.
  • A simple way to save an entire PATROL Agent configuration.
  • A set of algorithms to encrypt passwords.
  • A direct access to configuration variables for advanced users.
  • An exhaustive list of scheduled or active PSL processes running on the monitored PATROL Agent.
  • And more…

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