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Sentry Software has recently announced the release of Monitoring Studio X, the newest generation of its well-known monitoring solution for TrueSight Operations Mgmt | TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt. And as if the release of this new revolutionary version was not enough, Sentry Software chose to take a step forward and publish all the Studio X Templates on GitHub!


EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Huawei Dorado v3, Jenkins, and Microsoft Skype are some of the templates currently available. Many more will come soon.


Like the previous monitoring templates developed for Monitoring Studio 9, these templates are available for free but the major change is that you can make your own contributions to Studio X by updating the existing templates or publishing yours!


Sentry Software hopes to count you on its contributors and is looking forward to collaborating with you all on this modern platform!

If you have any specific requirements with regards to monitoring, please comment this post.