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As you can see, Sentry Software, TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt 's users, so much ground has been covered since 2009!


Configuring Process Monitoring

In 2009In 2019
2009 - Process Monitoring Wizard.png2019 - Process Monitoring Wizard.png



Monitoring the Weather

In 2009In 2019
2009-Monitoring-the-weather.png2019-Houston Weather.png


Monitoring Stock Quote

In 2009In 2019
2009 - Stock Quote.png2019-BMC Stock Quote.png


Thanks to all our users for sharing their feedback and help us improve our products.


Special thanks to the Sentry Team (Bertrand Martin, Marc Douguedroit, Ramassh Theivendran, Razeem Mohamed, Nathalie Leboul, Frederic Plouvier, Sam Truong, etc.)  for working so hard to make this new Monitoring Studio 10 happens!


Release is coming soon! Stay tuned!