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So, thanks to the excellent feedback on the Beta 1 version, we're happy to announce the Beta 2 of Monitoring Studio X is available:

Monitoring Studio X | Sentry Software


What's New


  • Added Support for:
    • IBM AIX
    • Internationalized PATROL Agent (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • New Monitor available: Parameter Combination (Multi-parameter Formula)

Fixed Issues

  • The toggles behavior has been fixed in the Web UI
  • Templates:
    • Templates were no longer applied to hosts when modified
    • An error occurred in the Dry Run after changing the "OS Type" of an existing template
  • Log File Monitoring: The Matching Line Count parameter was reset at the next polling
  • Java Settings: The configuration was not properly implemented
  • Ping check reported inaccurate host availability on Windows agents


Make sure to install this new version as it fixes many issues you guys may have encountered with the Beta 1.


Next around the corner: the Beta 3 with a reworked Console view, an easier Value Map UI, support for OAuth 2 or cookie-based authentication when querying a REST API, etc.


We're very grateful for your feedback! Thank you in helping us make this a great product!


-- Bertrand