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If you've tried Monitoring Studio X and its new fancy Web UI, you may have wondered: why is the Web UI and REST API running on port 3443?


Being the main culprit for this decision, I owe us an explanation...


First, traditional ports like 8080 or 8000 were out of the question, simply because the PATROL Agent is supposed to be running on servers that may be running an application on port 8080 or 8000 (evidently, same goes for 80 and 443).


Or course, the PATROL Agent's port (3181) itself couldn't be reused as our Web UI is running as a separate process and cannot share the port with the PATROL Agent. I wouldn't take the risk of using 1987 either (as seasoned BMC users may recall, 1987 used to be the default port of the PATROL Agent, back in the days, that is: in the previous millennium... yeah, my age is showing here... :-D)


So, the logic was as follows:

  • All PATROL stuff is in the 3xxx, so the Web UI had to run in the 3xxx range
  • It's full HTTPS, so it should be obvious we're in HTTPS, so the port should say 443
  • Conclusion: 3xxx + 443 = 3443


Good thing: TCP/3443 appears not to be reserved by any widely-deployed application (Port 3443 (tcp/udp) - Online TCP UDP port finder - -- well, there used to be OpenView something, we don't care... ;-) ). Plus, it's really easy to type in! So, here's the way for you guys to remember the port number of the Web UI and REST API of Monitoring Studio X (and the PATROL Agent): 3xxx + 443 = 443!


Now, things get a bit tricky.


People often run several agents on the same system, running on different ports, typically 3181, 3182, 3184, 3185, etc. (why not 3183, I'll let you guess). As there is an instance of the Web UI for every PATROL Agent, we need a different port for every instance of the Web UI!


So, PATROL Agent running 3181 has a Web UI running on 3443.

Logically, PATROL Agent running on 3182 would have a Web UI running 3444.

And so on...


That's how we came up with this rule: the Web UI of Monitoring Studio runs on the PATROL Agent port number plus 262: 3181 + 262 = 3443


Of course you can customize the port the Web UI is running on, and we recommend that you always specify a "relative port", like the default +262.



Now you know everything about port 3443! :-)


Remember: once you've installed Monitoring Studio X on a PATROL Agent, use your browser to connect to port 3443!


-- Bertrand