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Reminder: What is Monitoring Studio?

Monitoring Studio is a well-known, widely adopted, powerful and mature toolbox that allows TrueSight Operations Mgmt administrators to implement a tailored monitoring of all their datacenters components.


Monitoring Studio offers a set of various "Monitors" that allows you to:



  • File systems
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Processes
  • SNMP Traps
  • Windows Events
  • Windows performances counters
  • Windows services

Search for strings, extract numeric values

Run and analyze the output of...             

  • Commands and scripts
  • HTTP requests
  • SNMP polling
  • SQL queries
  • WBEM queries
  • Web services
  • WMI queries


And may other features...


With Monitoring Studio, you can monitor anything, anywhere. Yes, anywhere, because Monitoring Studio can perform queries remotely.


What is Monitoring Studio X?

Fans of Monitoring Studio have asked us to create an interface to be able to configure it very easily and quickly. We accepted the challenge, and while we were there, we extended this interface to interact with the PATROL agent, and even better, we developed a REST API to communicate with the PATROL Agent.


Monitoring Studio X new features are:


  • A new PATROL Agent web interface that shows an agent’s behavior, live! It is a responsive and reactive interface that provides immediate feedback of a PATROL Agent’s monitoring actions. -> Live interaction


  • A new Monitoring Studio web interface to configure the monitoring of any component of your datacenter. -> Easy configuration


  • A new REST API that you can use to query a PATROL Agent. -> Modern interaction


  • Icing on the cake: Monitoring Studio X offers a "Dry Run" feature to test your monitoring immediately and check whether the result matches what you expect.


How Does Monitoring Studio X Work?

Monitoring Studio X key concepts are Hosts, Templates and Monitors.


  • Host: A Host is a server or a group of servers that you define in Monitoring Studio in order to monitor it/them.


  • Template: A Template is a group of Monitors. It usually defines the monitoring (health and performance) of an application, like MySQL, RecoverPoint, etc. A Template is applied to one or several Hosts.


  • Monitor: A Monitor is a single monitoring action that is configured by the user. A monitor is part of a Template. A Monitor can be:
    •     Process monitoring
    •     File parsing
    •     HTTP request
    •     Database query
    •     SNMP polling
    •     Folder monitoring
    •     WBEM query
    •     WMI query
    •     Command line execution
    •     etc.


In a Nutshell

Monitoring Studio X will make your life much easier! It is not only a complete and mature toolbox to monitor any component of a datacenter, but also a powerful web interface to visualize a PATROL Agent’s information, that is intuitive, flexible, and reliable.