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What are the servers remotely monitored? How to know whether the remote monitoring that I have configured is working correctly? How to turn the debug on? What is the version of Hardware Sentry KM? What is the build number?


You can have access to a wealth of information about your hardware monitoring by executing PSL Commands in the Agent Query Tool in TrueSight Operations Mgmt.


By modifying our code and providing access to some of our PSL functions, we now allow you to execute PSL scripts on a PATROL agent running Hardware Sentry KM in order to run global reports, host reports, queries and commands (in versions 10.0.00 and higher).


Here are some examples of information that you can gather.


See Remote Systems Monitored by an Agent

  • Command: requires MS_HW_q; hostsInfo();
  • Output:

Easily Enable the Debug Mode... by Host!

Enabling the debug mode is quick, easy, and you can target a specific host to get only the information you are interested in!

  • Command: requires MS_HW_q; setDebug(mode, numberOfMinutes, listOfHosts);
  • Output:

Check Connectors

You can check if connectors are monitoring correctly a remote host and not encountering any issue with the instrumentation layer(s).

  • Command: requires MS_HW_q; connectorsReport(hostID);
  • Output:

Force a Discovery

This can be very useful if you have made updates and don't want to wait for the next discovery.

  • Command: requires MS_HW_q; rediscover(hostID);
  • Ouptut:

Provide Information to the Customer Support

Providing accurate information to customer support will always help resolving an issue faster.The Product Report reports product information such as product version, KM information, installed libraries and connectors.

  • Command: requires MS_HW_q; productReport();
  • Ouptut:

And Many More!

Don't hesitate to have a look at all the other commands.

  • Command: requires MS_HW_q; help();
  • Ouptut (partial):


Reminder: how to run a query on a PATROL agent?

  1. Access the PATROL Agent.
    1. In the navigation pane of the TrueSight console, click Configuration and select Managed Devices. In the Managed Devices table, the PATROL Agents are displayed under the associated Integration Services that are displayed under the corresponding Infrastructure Management Servers.
    2. For the PATROL Agent that you want to access, click + against the associated Infrastructure Management server and the Integration Service to expand them. The PATROL Agent is displayed.
  2. Click the PATROL Agent action menu and select Query PATROL Agent. The Agent Query Tool opens in a new browser window.
  3. In the Command box, specify the query.


Note: These commands are available in PATROL Central as well.

Download Hardware Sentry KM on Sentry's Website!