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Sentry Software is proud to announce the release of Hardware Sentry KM v10.0.00 for TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt |TrueSight Operations Mgmt

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This version includes major new features, improvements, and fixes, such as:

Host Group Monitoring

Hardware Sentry KM v10.0.00 now offers the possibility to add a group of hosts (that share the same configuration settings: OS, protocol, credentials, etc.) to your monitoring environment .


You may define a group name (internal ID) as well as a set of hosts to be included in the group to be created. The Internal ID, used as the group name makes it easier to identify the hosts that are part of a group in the PATROL or TrueSight console.


Hardware Sentry KM will create as many hosts instances as provided hostnames/IP addresses. The devices are displayed in TrueSight as if they were single hosts, and can be clearly identified as part of group thanks to their common Internal ID added to their label between brackets.


New Parameters to Detect Monitoring Problems

The Report instance collects and reports on information that provides an overview of health and performance of a system. Some parameters can be set to trigger alerts when their values reach an unacceptable or abnormal level to help you quickly pinpoint a monitoring problem.


Here are some examples of information you can get from the Report instance:


Communication Protocol Monitoring

The communication protocols enabled in Hardware Sentry KM (HTTP, SNMP, WBEM, WMI, Command Lines) are now checked for self-monitoring purpose as well as to prevent false alerts.


Hardware Components Count

Counter-type parameters provide valuable information on the number of the components monitored on your system, such as CPUs, Enclosures, Blades, etc.


For example, a Count-All parameter indicating monitored components lower than 5 may indicate that system’s monitoring is likely incomplete and requires investigation.


Protocol Execution Rate

These parameters report on the number of successful commands executions performed on the monitored host by protocol, per minute. These parameters can be used to better understand the efficiency and/or load on the KM.



FQDNs to Better Identify Devices

Hardware Sentry now allows you to associate your system to Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) of specific devices in TrueSight when you define the connection settings of your host(s).


The FQDN designates the specific location of a device within the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy; it communicates the host’s position relative to the root of the DNS namespace. Using FQDNs means easier identification of the faulty devices.


New Hardware Connector Library

Core component of Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL and BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware, the Hardware Connector Library consists of several hardware connectors (*.hdf files) that describe how to discover hardware components and detect failures. With more than 200 connectors, the Hardware Connectors Library enables the monitoring of almost any server (physical, virtual, and blade servers) and external device (disk arrays, fiber switches, and tape libraries) available on the market.


The Hardware Connectors Library is regularly updated to keep you up-to-date with the new supported platforms, improvements, and fixed issues.

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