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Sentry Software is happy to announce the General Availability of Monitoring Studio KM version 9.4.01.


This version includes new features, improvements, and fixed issues, such as:

  • Support for Java 9.
  • Support for group macros in Host monitors and for Group & Host macros in all other monitors (ex: %{SEN_HOSTNAME}).
  • Ability to connect and authenticate against a remote system with SSH and keyboard-interactive authentication.
  • Nagios Performance objects with long names now monitored properly.
  • Empty lines that contain the "\r" character (carriage return) now properly handled by Monitoring Studio on Windows systems.
  • And many more...


And of course your favorite monitoring features:

SystemsSoftwareProtocolsAnd many more...

Command Line


File System

Windows Event

Windows Performance Counter

Database Query

Nagios Plugins


Windows Service

SNMP Polling


WBEM Query

Web Request

WMI Query

Dynamic Instances

Multi-Parameter Formula

String Search and Numeric Value Extraction

Text Pre-Processing

Value Mapping


Download Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL on Sentry's Website.