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Sentry Software is proud to announce the general availability of the Dell EMC Unity KM for TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt | TrueSight Operations Mgmt.


This new KM monitors the hardware health and the performance of any Dell EMC Unity storage system that comes with the embedded SMI-S provider. All the information about CIFS servers, controllers, file systems, NFS servers, physical disks, storage pools, volumes and hardware components are regularly collected and displayed in TrueSight:



The configuration is pretty simple: after ensuring that the embedded SMI-S provider is enabled and that a user with operator role has been created on Unisphere, you just have to create a connection to the SMI-S provider.



And that’s it! Your storage system appears in TrueSight:


To be notified through events of any critical situation that may occur on your Dell EMC Unity storage system(s), Sentry Software recommends importing predefined thresholds into TrueSight Operations Management.



It is also a good practice to create your own dashboards in TrueSight to only focus on what matters to you (storage capacity monitoring and optimization, performance monitoring, traffic management, etc.). Several use cases have been documented to allow you to take full advantage of the Dell EMC Unity KM.


And that’s not all! Our technical writers explored non-traditional authoring tools for documenting this new monitoring solution. They approached technical writing from a software development perspective, embraced the software-code workflows entirely, creating doc-as-code! Find out this brand-new documentation here.


Download Dell EMC Unity KM for PATROL on Sentry's Website.