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Why Monitoring Studio KM?

As there are no out of the box solutions to monitor the Hitachi Content Platform and pull the data into TrueSight Operations Mgmt , we took up the challenge to cover the monitoring gap using the versatile Monitoring Studio KM from Sentry Software.


How we achieved it?

The Hitachi Content Platform provides its health, capacity and performance data through SNMP. We all know that all the Monitoring Studio KM needs is a source of data and a mode to access it. The built-in SNMP polling feature made it simple.


Then, we used the Dynamic Object Builder, string search, numeric value extraction and value mapping to complete the monitoring template.


What we achieved?

To know more about the list of components and parameters monitored, please refer to Monitoring Hitachi Content Platform


Want to know more?

Drop your questions in the comment section and we will be more than happy to respond.