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EMC Networker KM for PATROL constantly monitors the key areas of the backup and recovery software to ensure backups are properly performed. Any backup or restore error is instantly brought to your attention through the centralized TrueSight Operations Mgmt platform to let you take corrective actions. The solution more especially monitors:

  • Server availability: status of all the processes.
  • Log files: monitoring of the daemon.log and messages files, size, etc.
  • Pending Media Events: monitoring of the media mount requests
  • Bootstrap Messages: bootstrap settings verification, recommendations, etc.
  • Client Indexes: number of entries, utilization as a percentage and index size.
  • Devices: status of mounted volumes and history of volume mounts.
  • Save Groups and Save Sets: status, progress, size and duration

All the information collected is grouped into application classes and displayed in your  TrueSight Operations Mgmt. Alarms and warnings inform you when a suspicious behavior is detected; thus, allowing you to quickly and clearly identify peaks, troughs and trends in the performance of your backup resources before it critically impacts your business.


EMC NetWorker KM for PATROL 3.0.00 fully supports EMC NetWorker v9.x using the latest jobquery interface.


EMC NetWorker KM for PATROL 3.0.00 supports remote monitoring for NetWorker servers.

Remote monitoring is required for all servers or appliances on which no PATROL Agent can be installed. This feature is also interesting if you lack resources or time to deploy a PATROL Agent and the NetWorker KM on several servers since it allows to monitor multiple hosts from a single PATROL Agent host (see Remote Monitoring Requirements for detailed information).


Also, EMC NetWorker KM for PATROL 3.0.00 can monitor consecutive backups at save set level under each group client. The solution can easily be configured to monitor failed, successful or all save sets (see Configuring the Save Sets Monitoring for detailed information).


Read the complete Release Notes for further details on the improvements and bug fixes included in version 3.0.00 of EMC NetWorker KM for PATROL and download the latest version.