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Recently I came across a really strange and weird issue where one of our customers could not generate the "volume media report" for VolumePools and VolumeGroups and it was showing blank as you see in the screenshot below :


There was collection happening behind but as soon as the KM Menu Command was executed, I saw this in the debug logs :


localhost/NBU_POOL_CONTAINER Menu Mon Jul 17 08:58:29 2017

Running command: available_media

Return code    : 0

Exit code      : 0

Execution Time : 0s

Return data    :


You are already running Available_Media.

Try again later.



So, after googling about the error above, it lead me to :


Apparently, there was some kind of (.lok) file/files, which were being generated somewhere and was hiding from us...the KM


So, it was time to find the culprit as it did not existed in the default location....totally Normal !


We decided to run a PSL Script/Task to find this culprit --

set TEMP

dir %TEMP%\*.lok



And there it was hiding in %TEMP% away from NT Explorer searches.


The customer deleted it and our Veritas NetBackup KM could generate the Volume Media Report again... yayyy


Hope this helps you all....