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Often we end up with no solution when it comes down to monitoring in house applications, complex applications, websites, database or any appliance or device for which there is no out of the box monitoring solutions to be into TrueSight Operations Mgmt.


If the object(application, service, API, device etc.) to be monitored has any source of data through API, SNMP, WBEM, Command line, Windows service/process/performance counters etc you can very well build a monitoring solution in minutes.


When you have something to be monitored,

  • List down the parameters and attributes that you would like to monitor.
  • Identify the best suited protocol to pull the information from the source object to be monitored.
  • Use any external tool like SNMP browser, CIM Navigator or DB analyzer if required. This will help you understand the structure of the data and confirm the availability of the data.
  • Identify the object groups and the parameters that are available for each one of them.
  • Determine the data type of each parameter or attribute.
  • Then start creating the "monitors" (Configuring Groups, Hosts and Monitors) using the built in monitor functions of the Monitoring Studio KM and process the extracted output (4. Processing a Monitor Result Output) if required.
  • Once the data collection is successful, you can configure thresholds (Configuring Thresholds)based on your requirements and configure alert actions (Specifying Alert Actions).
  • You can then export the configuration to be used as a template and deployed on another agents (Deploying your Configuration)


At the time of writing this article, I recommend you to use the Monitoring Studio KM v9.4. To create a template, you must use the PATROL Classic Console or the PATROL Central Operator Console.

The data collected by the PATROL Agent can be then integrated into the TrueSight Operations Management.


You can refer to the pre-built configuration templates available at Monitoring Studio | Sentry Software  for example.