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Monitoring Studio by Sentry Software is the solution to eliminate any monitoring gap in TrueSight Operations Mgmt. Designed as a "toolbox", the solution enables the monitoring of almost any technology (application, server, device, etc.) for which there is no out-of-the box monitoring solution on the market. In a few clicks and without any coding, 100% of the IT infrastructure is fully covered. The latest version of Monitoring Studio (9.4.00) includes major new or improved features, such as:


The new Value Map Monitor is designed to extract values from result outputs generated by other Monitors and map these values to your statuses that match your specific needs. Based on these statuses, it becomes easy to apply thresholds and have Monitoring Studio trigger PATROL standard alerts directly in your PATROL environment.



The Web Request Monitor has been improved to offer PATROL and TrueSight Operations Mgmt users additional capabilities for advanced HTTP properties (Credentials, HTTP headers, Request body, Variables, etc.).



The Database Monitor overall performance (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL servers) has been drastically improved to reduce system resource consumption (memory and CPU) and runtime.


The Command Line Monitor now offers PATROL users two procedures to execute command line locally and remotely respectively. The Monitor also fully supports local command execution with option to run continuously while monitoring remote hosts.


And many more! Read the complete Release Notes for further details on the improvements and bug fixes included in version 9.4.00 of Monitoring Studio and download the latest version.